Our Rates & Services

Music Composition

Don't compromise your lyrics to fit some generic beat. Pre-recorded tracks don't compare to having original music composed around your lyrics.

Sound Design

I love creating sounds that have never been heard before.

On-Location Recording

We have portable gear for recording live shows, speeches and other events.

Mixing & Mastering

Have your music professionally mixed and mastered at Tampa Recording for quality that sounds great on the radio and in the car.

Voice Over Recording

Radio commercials, audio books, film, you name it. Voice overs is our most requested service.

Multimedia & Web Audio

Podcast recordings, music for websites and sounds for games and apps. I do it all.

Session players

I can add almost any instrument track to your music. If I don't already own the instrument, I know someone who does.

Library & Production Music

I collect samples. I literally own a dedicated computer with 4TB of cool sounds and noises.

Audio Book Recording

One of our most requested services, we offer audio books in both male and female voices.