Producer/Programmer, Singer/Songwriter Engineer/Arranger

For over 12 years, I have recorded all kinds of singers and bands and produced some pretty cool music. I don't just press record, I produce. I own and play several string and wind instruments as well as organs and synthesizers, so I can add any element or sound effect to your tracks.

Creative Environment. At Tampa Recording, you can expect a comfortable and laid back environment with southern hospitality. I have never had an artist walk out and say "Thanks, but I'm not comfortable recording here". In fact, I would say that we are the #1 studio in Tampa for comfort and creative expression.

At my studio, it's just me and you. I have worked in multi-million dollar studios with desks, receptionists and people running around and it's hard to get into the "creative zone" I also don't start the clock as soon as you walk in the door, it starts when I press record...

IT'S NOT ABOUT MONEY: I want every artist to succeed and sound good. I've already made my money and now I want to spread the love around, which is why I offer the super low prices that I do. I generally like to sit down with the artist and talk about your goals and listen to a few of your songs. If I think you're taking the wrong approach, I will flat out tell you "Hey, that won't work, but we should try this."

I am involved with the creative process the whole way. As a producer, I have seen artists make textbook mistakes and as a musician myself, I can't help but step in and add my creative input. For example: A 5-6 minute long song will never get radio airplay, but do you have to compromise? No. You can have a radio mix and an extended version. This is where I come in with my arrangement skills and help you make a more marketable mix.

MY SOUND: Finally, I want to say a few words about sound. I have recorded in commercial dollar studios and I have recorded in garages. Some of these "budget studios" sound surprisingly good, but most of them are making simple mistakes that are critical to the sound quality. For example: I have watched newbies connect a $700 mic to a $9.99 Radio Shack cable- and they wonder why their recordings are so low quality. World class microphones and preamps are very important but it's useless if you have cracks and pops in your signal chain. These things cannot be fixed with Pro Tools or other software so it's very important to get a clean sound with character.

Over all, my studio is affordable and high-quality. It doesn't get much better than that.



Low costs
Prices so low that any musician in Tampa can afford: $25/hr or buy 10 or more hours at $20


One on one sessions
When you record at my studio, it's just you and me, uninterrupted. There are no secretaries or people walking in and out.


If you can't do it, I can. I am a one-man man band and add any track to your songs, from guitar, drum and bass to horns and strings and digital sounds.



Here at Tampa Recording, I do not have a huge selection of gear like commercial studios do. I am fine with that, because the gear I have is world-class and specific to the work I do. I am the master of my domain and I am not trying to impress anyone with my small collection of mics. If lots of gear and leather couches are what you want in a studio, we are not the place.


My live room (AKA vocal booth) cannot compare to a commercial recording studio.
I do not have $1,000 bafflers and bass traps, nor to I have a glass window that you can see me through. I constantly strive to get better acoustics, it's an area that I could use improvement in, but for $30/hr, I think it's well worth it. And if you buy 4 hours, I'll give you one free.


I am mediocre at miking drum kits
There I said it. However, I am a master at the drum machine. I have been producing digital drum tracks on drum machines and synths since I was 12 years old. If real drums are important to you, I can recommend a dozen or so engineers that specialize in recording live drums. I am also personal friends with some of the best drummers in Tampa such as Bill Lagrandier and Marc De Waele