A new approach to music recording Tampa Recording is a 2-person operation: Me and YOU. The atmosphere in my South Tampa studio is laid back and stress free, where I help you make the best music possible.
I am your producer, engineer, coach and secretary all wrapped into one.
Call for an appointment (401) 347-8552 Or call me just to chat. My consultation is always free.
Professional quality sound I record exclusively with Pro Tools because it is the industry standard. My studio also has a dedicated room that has been treated for vocal tracking and instrument recording.

Record vocals and instruments using world-class microphones and preamps.


We work with Pro Tools sessions that have been recorded in other studios.


I can take your music to the next level by adding various instruments and sounds to your songs, as well as arranging them so they have commercial appeal.


In my world, music is more important than money and that separates me from other large studios. Instead of starting the clock the second you walk through the door, I like to chat a little bit about what your goals are and maybe show you around the studio.
The industry standard rate is $75/hr, but my rates are much lower and it's not just because I run a home studio, it's because music isn't "work" to me and I want to do it all day! Most of my clients are repeat customers and some of them drive all the way from Clearwater and Sarasota because they don't like working with anyone else.

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Vocal and instrument recording is $25/Hr, or $20 for 10 or more hours.

Recording bands or groups with more than one person is $35/Hr, or $30 for 10 or more hours.

Do you need a piano track, a base line, or a beat? I play over 30 instruments. Same rates apply!

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Voice overs


I can help you record a radio show or podcast.


Though I've only done a few of them, making commercials is one of my favorite things to do.

Audio Books

Recording and editing audio books.